How do you handle intimadating drivers

26-Dec-2017 03:26

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At the very least, this is all that the police need to start an investigation with.Details of the who, what, where, when and why come next.Intensive courses, whilst they suit some, can be totally unsuitable for others.I would like to discuss previous driving experience, theory test dates / expiry dates.If the driving behaviour is serious and could result in immediate harm to others call 911 and make the report immediately.NEW FIGURES ON road rage in Ireland suggest that it is not an unusual experience for drivers.Conservative Councillor Des Flood (Con, Bartley Green) said: “I believe these women are being exploited and are being used by illegal gangs to obtain money - another form of modern day slavery.“I have received a number of complaints from residents who feel very vulnerable sitting in traffic at this busy junction and they have told me about the aggressive behaviour of some of the women involved."He continued: “The police are trying their best to deal with this issue, but the mere sight of a police car sends these women running away, endangering their own lives and potentially causing a serious crash.“Some of these women are pregnant and it’s very concerning as this is a serious accident waiting to happen.“The police need the support of other agencies, including the city council’s anti social behaviour teams, to deal with this problem.”One motorists said he had seen the women being forced to hand over cash to gang leaders sitting in cars parked nearby and being threatened if the money was short.

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This option has been the most favourable choice by my past pupils as they’ve found it offered them value for money and effective time in the car which equals a happy student eager for their next lesson. Practical training course which is useful for new drivers to improve their skills and enable them to drive more safely.

UPDATE: Police close in on teen bike gang menacing drivers A GANG of bike-riding youths are intimidating drivers in a spate of incidents in Worcester.