Validating saxparser

18-Jul-2017 11:37

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Once that is done, some reply is put together and sent back to the client. When I looked at the code I could see nothing wrong. Everything is in memory, so "Premature end of file" is not too helpful anyway.Nevertheless each time a request was sent, we got a 2008-01-21 ,889 INFO [STDOUT] [Fatal Error] :-1:-1: Premature end of file. The solution to this mess can be found - sometimes it turns out to be helpful - in the API documentation for the Input Source: An Input Source object belongs to the application: the SAX parser shall never modify it in any way (it may modify a copy if necessary).Everything they send us needs to conform to its corresponding schema, each reply we send gets validated against a different set.

Today I had to look at a piece of code a colleague had written, using my XPath Accessor class.If your input XML is being read as a String (as opposed to byte array) then you can use replace your input string with the below code to make sure that all 'un-necessary' characters before the xml tag are wiped off.If all else fails, open the file in binary to make sure there are no funny characters [3 non printable characters at the beginning of the file that identify the file as utf-8] at the beginning of the file. so we converted the file from utf-8 to ascii and it worked.A new Java API called Java Architecture for XML Binding (JAXB) can make it easier to access XML documents from applications written in the Java programming language.

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The Extensible Markup Language (XML) and Java technology are natural partners in helping developers exchange data and programs across the Internet.Error Handler Wrapper.fatal Error(Unknown Source) at org.apache. The same can happen if schema files (.xsd) are used to validate the xml file and one of the schema files has an UTF-8 BOM. In XML the prolog designates this bracket-question mark delimited element at the start of the document (while the tag prolog in stackoverflow refers to the programming language).