Dating percussion rifles

25-Nov-2017 21:41

The percussion rifle is a rifle that uses a percussion cap instead of older flintlock or matchlock variants.

Faster reloading and fewer moving parts made this rifle more versatile and rugged compared to other single-shot rifles. adopted the percussion system in 1841 and produced the M1841 Mississippi rifle that same year, made by Harpers Ferry Armory, E. This was a .54 caliber, 33-inch-barrel percussion rifle.

Part Number: AAH-168This modern muzzle loading rifle was designed to compete in NMLRA rifle & shotgun matches.

The boxlock action can be fitted to three different barrels, and two different buttstocks to compete in a variety of events. A magazine article about the builder and this style of combination rifle is included.

Although the Greene was the first American military bolt-action rifle, only 900 were purchased by the U. The process would be continually repeated; thus each bullet saw dual use - first as a breech gas seal, and next as a projectile on the subsequent shot.

Approximately 1,500 Greene Rifles were produced for sale in the United States, and an additional 3,000 were made for the Russian Government. SN 3744 The Greene Breechloading Rifle, with its underhammer design and unusual oval-shaped bore, was invented by U. When the rifle was re-loaded, this bullet was advanced into the bore, followed by a powder charge and a new "gas seal" bullet.

The first bullet actually left the muzzle when the rifle was discharged, while the second remained in the breech to prevent propellant gasses from escaping.

A tall nickel silver blade front sight is dovetailed behind the muzzle.

The rifle has a large plywood case with handle to carry the action, barrels, sights, and accessories. The configuration shown is the shotgun buttstock with rubber recoil pad fitted to the .36 caliber barrel.

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