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26-Jul-2017 18:20

[at a near whisper] Then go home and tell your wife your troubles. [Blake flips over a blackboard which has two sets of letters on it: ABC, and AIDA.] A-B-C.

Decision -- have you made your decision for Christ?!

The bot is called the Jolly Roger Telephone Company, and it's the work of Roger Anderson, a veteran of the phone industry himself who had grown tired of the repeated harassment from telemarketers and robocallers.

Anderson started out by building a system that sat in front of his home landlines and would tell human callers to press a key to ring through to his actual phone line; robocallers were routed directly to an answering system.

Therefore we can probably assume he's definitely jerkin' it to that picture of a mummy.

His house is some demented masturbatorium, wallpapered with photos of fossilised remains and extreme close-ups of Keira Knightley, where he probably parades around, Norman Bates-style, demanding people call him Carol Singers. This, I believe, is to put an end to Mark's wildly unpredictable actions. He'd show up, without hope or agenda, at Juliet's mother's birthday luncheon in a large comedy cake?

Audiences swooning over this dramatic display of affection forget one thing: HE WAS LITERALLY STANDING AT JULIET'S WEDDING A MEASLY FEW WEEKS AGO!

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Froug mentions his colleague Walter Newman's belief that “keeping his overhead to a minimum gains him the freedom that every writer the world over longs for.Like most vulgar expressions of the more decorous—at least publicly—pre-Internet era, the phrase's origin is difficult to ascertain.

Unlike the better-known but more unstable dating technique that uses carbon-14, krypton does not interact chemically and has a half-life of approximately 230,000 years, nearly five times that of carbon-14.… continue reading »

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