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01-Nov-2017 11:49

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Librarians are literate, passionate about learning, great with kids, budget conscious, often have master’s degrees, and understand the importance of being on time (otherwise there’s a fine).

Another list on Wiki Howl has some similarities, including the apparent universally held notion that that librarians are great at Scrabble.

“Librarians look up stuff for a living, so if you are in a relationship, you can absolutely count on being researched. ” Just like you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, Kelly said you shouldn’t judge a librarian by his or her career.

You might want to make sure your online profile is up to snuff.” According to Hibner and Kelly, who’ve been married for 18 and 33 years, respectively, librarians are as diverse as the books on the shelves, ranging in age, gender, race, religious preferences, political leanings, appearance and more. “Right off the top of my head, I can think of so many people who are experts in things you wouldn’t expect,” she said.

Male librarians, along with bartenders and caterers, were also the least picky about who they would date.

However, female librarians were the most picky about whom they would interact with. When you’re a female librarian, men usually want you to let down your hair, take off your glasses, and sultrily gaze in their direction until they speak ungrammatically and totally ruin the moment. I have never tried online dating, relying on luck and location to take care of my dating needs over the years.

The incumbent reports to the IT Project Management Officer and provides supervisory support.

According to the Daily Mail – and take that for what it’s worth – the online dating site e Harmony looked at their statistics to see what professions the two most popular genders were more likely to date or interact with.Digital Content Management Section staff collaborates with other Library curatorial units, technical staff, and external organizations to establish best practices, implement new and streamline existing digital workflows, identify digital content management problems, and propose solutions for the content within the scope of the section.

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