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22-Aug-2017 10:51

Gen Roni Alsheikh for issuing the orders, however, both MK Erdan and the police have refuted the report as baseless.

According to sources in the spokesperson’s unit, cited by journalist Yaniv Kubovich, the police were told to direct the media’s attention to “positive aspects” of policing, including three main issues: Palestinians found illegally inside Israel, confiscation of illegal weapons in Arab-Israeli communities and uncovering drug stockpiles.

‘The forces decided to detain one of the Palestinians identified hurling rocks,’ an Israeli spokesperson told CNN.

The report points a finger at Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan and Insp.

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And what about misinterpretations, false assumptions and the potential embarrassment that can arise from such technology?

As we are only at the beginning of the ‘new wave’ of loving in Tel Aviv, I am afraid I don’t have any concrete answers.

Nonetheless, it is fun to see how hearts are built and broken through the press of a button. ), a flirtatious glance from across the room has become a “like” from across the web.

"Our conflict today between us and Israel is the conflict between spirit and body," Hamato says with a green screen of Temple Mount behind him.

"Israel's global media has expanded, and its war against the Arabs and Muslims is through sex mania which it distributes globally.It’s believed the soldier was trying to arrest the 11-year-old Palestinian boy, Mohammed Tamimi , who appears to have a broken arm.

The "Lake Suigetsu 2006 Varved Sediment Core" project, or "Suigetsu Varves 2006" for short, is a multi-national, collaborative research project based around a sediment core taken from Lake Suigetsu [soo-ee-get-soo], central Japan, in summer 2006.… continue reading »

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The southern part of Occitanie is occupied by the Pyrnes, a range of mountains which marks the border between Spain and France, peaking at more than 3400 meters.… continue reading »

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The 46-year-old, who had branded his younger brother's regime a 'joke', was allegedly poisoned while waiting for a flight and died on his way to hospital.… continue reading »

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People I can get along with,” he said, adding that his monthly budget was about €550.… continue reading »

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For men, hair must be 'neatly cut on the back and sides, forming a smooth, symmetrical appearance so that it does not extend beyond or cover any part of the ears or the shirt collar', according to the Disney website.… continue reading »

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Seeking a same-sex relationship online is no different than searching through Catholic, or to find your targeted niche.… continue reading »

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Not to mention how annoying that modem sound was when you picked up the phone. When children of the 90s first got in-home internet access, it was a novel and exciting concept.… continue reading »

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