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Don't they look like the perfect couple to be a third wheel for? Congratulations to them for staying under the radar for so long. Carey Mulligan & Marcus Mumford (Photo: Pacific Coast News. I'm still coming to terms with the fact that Carey dated Shia La Beouf. Now that we've all been reminded of them/learned about them for the first time, aren't they just the cutest? Kirsten Dunst & Garrett Hedlund (Photo: Oh, the girl who's been starring in movies for as long as I remember is dating that guy from and some other stuff? That could just be because I've been blinded by my Blair and Chuck love and assumed Ed would just date Leighton Meester in real life. Lauren Graham & Peter Krause (Photo: WENN) I don't watch back in 1995 when they were both guest stars, but they didn't get together until this new show came along. Amber Tamblyn & David Cross (Photo: Fayes Vision/ I think maybe I keep purposely forgetting this one because it's seems so out-of-the-blue to me.

Unfortunately now we know about them so we'll be hanging on their every intimate lunch date for the remainder of their relationship. Com) This is one of those couples where I read about them and go, “Oh… But these two have in fact been married since last year despite a 19-year age gap.

The couple split after 10 years of marriage, in March of 2016.

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See which celebrity couples have decided to make it official.A few celebs will slip through the cracks, as will their relationships. ” So I put together a list of celebrity couples flying so under the radar you probably didn't know they were together until this moment. Minka Kelly & Chris Evans (Photo: Devone Byrd/Pacific Coast Am I the only one who had no idea about these two?Some celebrity romances are right there under our noses the whole time and we don't notice them until we stumble upon an article that starts with “Whatshisname and Whatsherface, who have been dating for two years” and we do a double take a spit take and an outtake and every other type of take in response. At the very least they're one of those couples you heard were together once but have to keep being reminded about because they're so unexpected. Rose Byrne & Bobby Cannavale (Photo: Brian To/ A couple of weeks ago at the Emmys, Bobby Cannavale won for his role on and thanked his girlfriend Rose Byrne, whom he dubbed “the love of my life.” Yes, apparently these two adorable human beings are actually an adorable item. They apparently briefly dated in 2007 but got back together about a year ago.This hot actress has been known to go after younger guys in Hollywood.

She dated 50 Cent for about a year, who was 11 years younger than she, and she was also engaged to 28-year-old Omar White when she was in her late 40's.The two have been dating for more than a year and seem very happy together.